Three Spring Cleaning Tips Designed To Keep Pest Populations At Bay

27 February 2018
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If you're like many homeowners, you've got a couple of days of spring cleaning penciled in on your household maintenance calendar for some point during the coming weeks. Few things are more satisfying than a thoroughly cleaned home that's ready for the spring and summer season. However, many homeowners completely neglect what should be the one of the most important aspects of spring cleaning, getting your home ready for the onslaught of seasonal household pests such as insects and rodents. 

Here's what you can do this spring to help keep these miscreants from ruining your summer. 

Carefully Inspect and Repair All Screens

Even if your home has air conditioning, there are times when nothing beats a cool breeze drifting through your home interior from an opened door or window. However, insects and rodents can also access your home interior from that same door or window even if there are only tiny holes, rips, or tears. Before you enjoy that first cooling evening breeze of the season, make sure your all your screens are in the best possible repair. Keep in mind that the average mouse can squeeze itself through an opening as small as a dime, and insects can gain access through even smaller openings. 

Clean Up Landscaping Around Your Home Exterior

Messy landscaping such as fallen leaves, dead twigs, and basically overgrown shrubs, trees, and herbaceous perennials attract all manner of pests because they provide them with the nesting habitat they need in spring, and the closer they are to your home, the greater the chances of them making their way inside. While you're working on the outside of your home, check the outdoor faucets to make sure they aren't leaking, as pests are drawn to areas with easy access to water.

Clean, Declutter, and Organize 

Most busy homeowners concentrate their spring cleaning efforts on the parts of the home that receive the most use, such as kitchens, main living areas, and bathrooms, and this is good, because these are the areas that many pests target when they're looking for a home inside your home. However, areas that don't receive as much use, such as basements, are also attractive to certain pests. Pets are attracted to clutter because it provides them with places to nest. 

One of the important things to remember about rodents in the spring that they're main focus is finding a place to make a nest and raise the next generation of rodents, so make sure to reduce or eliminate any possible nesting areas in or around your home. For more information, check out websites like