Protect Your Dogs From Ticks In Your Backyard In A Tropical Climate

10 December 2015
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Living in a tropical climate can make you feel like you are on vacation year-round, but the increased presence of bugs can be frustrating to deal with at first, especially if you have dogs. Ticks are one kind of pest you need to look out for if you have dogs that go outdoors often, such as in your backyard or walks around the neighborhood. In order to combat ticks, consider some of the following ideas.

Use Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth on a Monthly Basis

Harsh chemicals may not be suitable for pest control if you have dogs, since many kinds of pest control ingredients can be poisonous or even fatal to animals. Instead, try using diatomaceous earth that works by dehydrating insects after they step on the powder. Make sure to choose food-grade diatomaceous earth so that your dog will not be affected if they consume the powder.

For it to be as effective as possible, make sure that it is reapplied every month because rain can wash away the powder and may be frequent due to the tropical climate you live in.

Block Off Woodsy or Bushy Areas

While you may allow your dogs to have free roam of your backyard, you need to consider the heightened presence of ticks in woodsy or bushy areas. Instead of frequently getting rid of ticks in these areas using pest control methods, use fencing to keep your dogs away from any place where ticks may be plentiful, such as along the back of the yard.

Not only will this keep your dog away from woodsy areas, it can also keep wildlife away, such as raccoons, rabbits, and deer that may be carrying ticks which could spread to your dogs.

Keep Up with Lawn Maintenance

Keeping the lawn short is vital if you are concerned about ticks making their home in your yard. Ticks can find themselves at home in any area with overgrown brush or tall grass, leading to them breeding much more rapidly and becoming a problem for your dogs and the rest of your family. Along with mowing the lawn regularly, make sure there are no piles of leaves or other landscaping debris lying around your backyard.

Get Pest Control Service for Major Issues

Even with the most effort put into tick prevention, it can be difficult to match the kind of protection that professional pest control services can offer. Along with effective pest control methods, a professional can spot any problem areas and make sure your yard is not at risk of harboring ticks.

Not only can ticks be uncomfortable for your dogs, they can also lead to potential problems such as tick paralysis and Lyme disease. With the right preventive measures and routine pest control services, you can make sure your tropical yard will not be a danger to your dogs.

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