5 Risks Of Neglecting Pest Control When You're A Business Owner

27 June 2017
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Business owners need to understand the importance of commercial pest control because neglecting pest control can be detrimental to a company.

The following are five major risks you take as a business owner when you neglect commercial pest control:

Extensive damage to your facilities

A severe pest infection can cause structural damage to commercial facilities. This is especially true when it comes to rodent infestations. Rodents can chew through walls and destroy electric wires. However, termites and other insect pests can also cause extensive damage.

The only way to ensure that your buildings stay in good shape and avoid pest damage is to have periodic inspections performed by a commercial pest control service provider.

Losing customers

It goes without saying that customers are not likely to return to a commercial facility if pests are noticeable. It doesn't take long for word to get around among customers when a company is having a pest problem.

Even a very short term infestation can drastically reduce your customer base, so prevention is much better than a speedy extermination once an infestation occurs.

Health problems in both employees and customers

Pest infestations typically imply sanitation issues, and a commercial pest control service provider will both teach you how to avoid attracting pests and how to keep your facilities cleaner. Unsanitary conditions are inevitably a health concern and can cause health issues in both employees and customers.

Health problems caused by conditions at your facilities can open you up to all sorts of legal liabilities. The price of maintaining sanitary conditions with the help of commercial pest control will inevitably be much cheaper than the costs of personal injury lawsuits should a health concern arise at your facilities.

Compromising the health of the environment around you

A pest infestation that begins at your facility could affect the surrounding area as well. If your company causes an environmental problem in your community, your company is going to experience a lot of negative PR that could compromise your reputation. Prevent pests at your facility to protect both your company and your local environment.

Increased costs from fines from government agencies

Pest control is particularly important for your company if you are regularly required to have government health inspections carried out at your facilities. If an infestation is found, you may be subject to government fines and you may lose your ability to do business at your facility until the infestation has been cleared up. Therefore, a pest infestation can cost you money both in fees and in lost profits during downtime.

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