How Regular Pest Control Treatments Keep Those Annoying Bugs Out Of Your Home And Yard

19 July 2017
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Bugs are everywhere, so it's no surprise they occasionally start breeding in your house. Even if you keep your home spotless, bugs can still become a problem because you can carry them home from someplace else or they can wander in from outside. The best way to keep bugs under control is to get regular pest control treatments. Here's why professional treatments help.

Regular Application Of Insecticide

You can get a one-time visit from a pest control company, but that only gets rid of bugs the one time. They could come back weeks or months later. When you have regular visits, the exterminator applies a pesticide that has a residual effect. It will continue to kill bugs that come into contact with it for weeks. Then, you have another scheduled visit before the pesticide has lost it's effectiveness. This way, your home is always protected against a bug invasion.

Monitoring For Signs Of Trouble

The best way to control some pests, such as rodents, is to keep them outside. When you get a visit from an exterminator, your home and property are examined for signs of pest activity. There might be new gnaw marks from a rat on a side door or a termite station might suddenly show signs of the destructive insects in the yard. This alerts the pest control company to pest activity in the yard that poses a danger to your home so appropriate treatments can be taken.

Skilled Use Of Treatments

Pesticides can be dangerous when used by people who haven't been trained. This is why the products you buy from a hardware store aren't as strong as the ones your pest control company uses. A skilled exterminator knows how to apply the chemicals safely so they kill bugs but don't harm your pets or kids. Plus, an experienced exterminator understands bugs, which is important when you're trying to eliminate them. For instance, if you spray carpenter ants, they scatter and build nests in other places in your home. Instead, you need to track down the nest and attack it directly. By applying DIY pest control treatments, you can actually make your infestation worse if you don't understand how the bugs will react to it.

Getting scheduled pest control treatments throughout the year reduces annoyance from pests inside and outside. You can have your yard treated for mosquitoes so you can enjoy your patio in the summer and you can have the indoors treated for all bugs so you don't have to worry about roaches scurrying when you flip on the light at night.

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