How Monthly Pest Control Inspections And Treatments Benefit Your Restaurant

21 March 2018
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Pest control is very important when you operate a restaurant. You never know when you'll have a surprise inspection so you need to keep bugs and rodents out of the building at all times. Plus, if customers see roaches in your restaurant, they may not come back and that would hurt your business. The best way to keep bugs under control and protect your income is with monthly pest control inspections and treatments. Here are some things the pest control company may do.

Place And Monitor Rodent Traps

The pest control company may put rodent traps around the back of your building, especially if there is a dumpster close by. They can place traps that catch and detain the rats and mice so they are out of sight. Catching them outdoors helps keep them from getting inside the building. However, the pest control company may also check for signs of rodent activity such as gnaw marks along the bottom of doors or windows. They can also track movement of the rodents by looking for the greasy, dark trails they leave behind. The trails will indicate if the rats are climbing up the roof or wiggling through a gap in the wall. If so, steps can be taken to seal the holes to keep rodents out.

Treat For Roaches

Since roaches are drawn to food and water, they are a constant threat to your restaurant. If you have a roach infestation, the exterminator will take aggressive measures to get rid of the bugs quickly. However, routine treatments to keep them away can be applied more quickly. This could involve using a pump sprayer to spray pesticide around the perimeter of the building and in places where roaches may be hiding.

Check For Termites And Carpenter Ants

Your exterminator may not need to use treatments against ants and termites on each visit. However, your building may be monitored for signs of their presence so treatments can be given when indicated. Termite bait stations can be placed on your property. These can even be placed in concrete if necessary by drilling holes. The bait stations are inspected regularly for signs of termite activity. If it is observed, then poison can be placed in the station or other treatments begun. Other ways to check for signs of carpenter ants and termites is to look for signs of damaged wood inside the building and to look for wings and bodies of the insects around windows and doors.

While rodents and roaches are big threats to a restaurant, the building can be infested by a variety of pests. Monthly inspections and treatments will keep all pests at bay so you don't have to worry about your customers encountering bugs as they dine. You'll also greatly reduce the risk of failing a health inspection due to signs of insects or rodents in the building. Contact a company, like Anteater pest control, for more help.