3 Tips For Preventing Rodent Issues

26 April 2018
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There are few pest problems that can cause more disruption or damage than a rodent infestation. While rodent problems can be a common occurrence, there are many homeowners that will fail to take the appropriate steps for limiting this problem.

1. Store Pet Food Where Pests Can Not Reach It

Pet food can be one of the main sources of food for rodents. While homeowners will often assume that rodents will be unable to get to pet food that is stored in a bag, rodents have extremely sharp teeth that l allow them to shred most types of plastic or paper bags. Rather, you will want to store pet food in an airtight bin that has thick sides. In addition to keeping the food fresh for longer, using an airtight container will limit the ability of the food's odor to spread and attract rodents.

2. Treat The Areas That Are Most Prone To These Problems 

There are some areas of a home that are simply more prone to experiencing rodent problems. Often, this will include the area where the garbage bins are stored, the crawl spaces under the house and the attic. Unfortunately, these areas can be ideal for rodents, which can make it extremely difficult to keep them out. To accomplish this, you will need to invest in having these areas professionally treated with pesticides and rodent repellents every month or two. Ideally, you should use both repellents and pesticides as the repellents will help to prevent rodents from targeting these areas in the first place.

3. Maintain Your Lawn

It can be easy to overlook the role that the landscaping will play in terms of your rodent issues. When the landscaping is properly maintained, it will be less inviting and accommodating to rodents. However, if the landscaping is allowed to become overgrown, there will be many hiding places for rodents. Once a rodent problem develops in your yard, it is only a matter of time before these pests target your home. By keeping the grass cut short, bushes trimmed, and flower beds weeded, you will greatly reduce the areas that can be attractive to rodents.

If your property develops a rodent problem, you will need to be able to act quickly if you are to avoid the worst complications that can come from these infestations. By understanding the importance of properly storing pet food, treating the property for rodents and maintaining the landscaping, you will be far better able to prevent rodents from becoming a major issue for your home.

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